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The RV full timing Adventure – 2014

American EagleWe officially became full time RVer’s on July 10, 2014 when we closed on the sticks & bricks. But on July 21, 2014 is when we pulled up levelers, and pulled out of the state of NY, where my husband was born, raised and worked and I lived most of my life. Our journey now begins.



July 26, 2014

It has almost been one week since we left Hickories, and it feels like it has been so much longer. Ofcourse, Ruski & I had to look up what day of the week it is today. The trip from Lake Milton to Elkhart was planned on being a little longer than 3-4 hours, but it was 5 to 6 hours and that was way too long. We are still hammering out a really good system to navigation. My hubby uses the GPS for 18 wheelers and I have the printed out trip in my hand.We communicate by radio. I have to admit, I really dislike this arrangement. I do not mind driving, I mind not being with Ruski. For now, and with the Zoo, and not knowing if I will need the Jeep to get to work assignments, this will have to be the arrangement. So we had our first miscommunication getting to Elkhart, which I will call ‘the radio silence’ afterward. I had declared the exit number to get off and for whatever reason, it was missed (I was following the RV, it seems to work better?). Anyway, we ended up going on Route 33 north leading to Elkhart. After apologies, ‘the radio silence’ ceased and we enjoyed really driving this route. It was rolling hills of farms and cornfields, which is apparently in a very large Amish community. Then we knew we were heading in the right direction when a lot of RV’s went by us, more and more as we got closer to Elkhart. We got separated once, and so the plan emerged from this that I can always put in a GPS route for myself and get to where we are going. So we finally arrived at Elkhart Campground ( ) and Ruski immediately recognized it as a campground we stayed overnight at when we came out West on our Yellowstone trip. So we have full hook ups, a level spot and all is good- just not the most scenic. My brain fog lifted from driving that long by the next morning. So Monday, we go get the Mor/ryde suspension and breaks. Apparently we boon dock camp at the installation place. They start work on Tuesday morning. We can leave the cats in the rig while they work on it. I do not think Carly, pictured here, will be especially pleased with this arrangement.

CarlyShe is the noisiest when crated in the back of my Jeep. Jakey just goes to sleep, he has picked up on the traveling thing very well. Carly at least will be in the RV and not in her crate. I worry too much about them, they tend to be more adaptable than I at times. So while the rig is being worked on, we have to find something to do – with two dogs. So, we are thinking of finding a park and hang out if the weather permits. Then, we return to the rig, in the garage, and sleep in the rig, in the garage. We apparently will at least have 50 amp electrical service. We are given a pin number to the door of the garage that Ruski will be going in and out of to walk the dogs. Okay, I admit it, I had major anxiety attacks about this yesterday; we took a drive to where we are going to see the place. I am better today.

Tasha & Corky

I can take some lessons from Corky and Tasha to chill out. The good Lord will not give us anything that we can not handle and I have to FROG it and drink wine. All will be okay. This is the one and only business thing we have to do and be in this predicament. Then it’s onward to South Dakota. I do love the adventure – just not the one leading into a garage.


July 22, 2014

So it must have taken us 3 hours to pack up and finally leave Hickories Park in Owego, NY. We were there just over a month and wow, I can not believe how much we had to pack. So with the dogs in the pick up, the cats in the Jeep with me, we head out. We had to pull over at the first rest stop because our radios were not working. That was a must because I had printed out directions from the Good Sam Trip Planner and hubby had the GPS for trucks. Well we finally got going and then it got close to our first destination, and hubby’s GPS bounced signal all over the mountains and took us on a highway way out of the way. Finally getting to our destination, running on fumes. We set up, got the animals situated and then went on another adventure just to find gas. Oh, brother. Well, the GPS is fired and my print out directions are the final word from here on out! The very first place we stopped was at Nittany Greyhound kennels in Port Matilda, PA ( ) This is who we adapted Corky from, and wanted to meet his foster crew and get his paperwork. Toni and her wonderful family put us up on her front yard to mooch-camp. We had some neighbors that entertained our kitties.

Neighbors at Nittany Greyhounds

These folks do wonderfulrescue and have a beautiful farm. We are so appreciative of their hospitality. I knew Corky wanted to come with us when he smiled and ran to us when he was in a dog run. Poor Tasha thought she was going to be left behind; both loved getting into the truck to go this a.m. The kitties do not like the travel, I don’t think any do. So we try to go 3-4 hours at a time. We pulled into Green Acres Lake Park Resort in Lake Milton, OH ( )today, for a two night stay with electric and water. We used the Passport America benefit for the first time and it did pay for itself – 1/2 price for both nights! It is a sweltering 95 degrees. From here we go to Elkhart, Indiana for suspension and brake upgrades. We are thrilled to begin our journey throughout America.